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My name is Ariadne Bird, nee van der Linden and I am a ‘Yu di Kòrsou’ meaning that I was born on the island of Curaçao. My English husband David and I have been back on the island since 2009.

The idea that started everything came when I was looking for something to use as a bird feeder for the many banana-tits on our front porch. Half a coconut worked just great and from then on things just developed: bird nests and feeders in various shapes, coco-fish and wind chimes with shells (not from the island, so you can take these safely through customs). Now we also have coco-bowls for snacks, coco jewel-nuts and incense burners. All the items we make are made out of coconuts and all the materials are natural: wooden beads, hemp, flax and sisal string, shells, home-made coco buttons and wooden rings. This is a hobby that grew into a part-time business!

We are quite new on the block; just over a year and my first time participating at the monthly handcraft market ‘Marshe di Artesania’ was in September 2012.

David and Ari Bird