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Paluarte Woodart

By working with wood I aim to strengthen my unity with nature and my reverence to her. I try to give the tree a second life by bringing out its inner beauty. Forms in wood turning are not straight lines, but circles and spirals, just like found in nature and the many turnings of the dance of life! By displaying my work I hope to inspire the same to you.

I like to turn green wood, it gives you more latitude as to size, shape, grain direction, and cost of materials. The final shape of turned green wood is not totally predetermined. During turning, drying and curing, many strange and wonderful things can happen. The outcome of this is fascinating and wonderful.

If you have a dead tree and want a piece to thank it for what it meant for you, contact me and we can see what we can make of it. For more info please visit the website of Paluarte Woodart

Hugo Sjak-Shie