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The history of Landhuis Habaai

Landhuis Habaai, from food to food for thought

Former Plantation House ‘Landhuis Habaai’ (Habaai Mansion) is one of the most beautiful of the Curaçao ‘Land houses’. Build at the beginning of the 18th century; it is also one of the oldest on the island.

Northern Brazil was a Dutch colony until 1654, when it became Portuguese. At that time the Dutch Colonial Council granted a large contingent of Jews living in Brazil, permission to relocate to Curaçao where they were given a large piece of land on the northwest shore of the Schottegat. This district soon came to be known as the Jewish quarter, because of the various Jewish mansions that arose here. Landhuis Habaai is one of the few to remain.

Although the mansion started out as a plantation and was subsequently turned into a country residence and later on a boarding school, its architecture has remained intact.
Front and back galleries flank the central part. Above both the central part and the galleries is a complete second floor, crowned by an attic. The northeastern wing was added in the 19th century.

Bought in 2005 by the family Verboom, Landhuis Habaai serves a new purpose: Art Gallery, Gift Shop and Cultural Center.
The terrace is used to host cultural events such as concerts, book and poetry readings, presentations and receptions.
During gallery opening hours art lovers may enjoy the artistic atmosphere while sitting under the mango tree maybe writing an artistic card to friends or family.